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a contestant on one of tv chef gordon ramsey's show takes his own life. and he's not the only one. and education nation. a very special guest this hour. #. >> i'll let you read it from your seat. you don't have to get up. you still don't want to do it. can i read it? let me read it this en. tony danza joins us live to talk about the year he spent teaching and why it took him to tiers. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. those stories in a moment. we begin with breaking news we're following on many fronts. to start t latest on a story that's been developing over the past few hours. former president jimmy carter has just been released from a hospital. taken there after falling ill on a flight on his way to a book signing. the former president, who is 85 years old, had an upset stomach and upon arrival was taken to metro health hospital for observation. he's been allowed to lead and is expected to continue his book
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tour this week. the eiffel tower evacuated again, police clearing the landmark and the surrounding park after a bomb threat around 9:00 p.m. local time at the moment. this is the second threat in two weeks at the tower. other parts of paris have received call-in threats. all have been false alarms. texes are high in trance, where the security alert is at high levels over fears of a possible terrorist attack. we also have breaking news we've following out of austin, austin, texas, where authorities are releasing new details in a deadly shooting. a short time ago they confirm ad man wearing dark clothes and a ski mask who fired an assault rifle inside a library before turning the gun on himself was a student at the school. bob harkins is vice president of security and safety at university of austin. when we talk about this, bob, we've just seen recent video of students being evacuated.
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what happened at the moment? >> well, we cleared the campus after this incident. we announced the all clear at 12:23. so we have canceled classed for the day. we have released staff and faculty to return home and close the campus to everybody. we anticipate being able to reopen the campus tomorrow morning and classes will be as northerly tomorrow. >> bob, do we know what this person wanted? >> no, we don't. we're still trying to do the investigation. we're still trying to confirm the name of the individual. that needs to be confirmed through a medical coroner's report. then we'll release that. we do not have a motive for this incident. >> i was looking at your website. information saying staff should stay away. but you had students during the incident. was in assailant, was this shoot ner a place where he could have shot other students?
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>> absolutely. the reports that we have from witnesses that he fired four shots on the street. was reacted to by the austin police department and university of texas police department. they chased him into a building, which is our library. he went up the stairs and took his life on the sixth floor. >> i was looking at some of the video from earlier as the story was just coming into us about five hours ago, four hours ago, actually. i saw fraternities were close by. is this an area that had a lot of student activity? >> we have a great amount of student activity. those who are not familiar, right across from the street from the library is the largest residence hall on campus, the gesture hall. but at no time was any other student injured as a result of this activity, we do have some minor reports of twisted ankles from people running and trying
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to evacuate. >> bob harkins, will you have an update in an hour or two? >> i would imagine the next couple hours we should. it's sitting tw the coroner's office until we can do the official confirmation and notification. we're trying to honor the process. >> i totally understand. thank you for giving us the very latest information there. we have more breaking news this hour. this is our fourth story out of mexico this time where hundreds are fearedead after a hillside collapsed on a rural town in oaxaca. a severe landslide that buried between 100 and 300 homes. oaxaca's fwovgovernor saying 10 people could be buried there. we're watching what's happening there in oaxaca, mexico. we'll have all the updates for the breaking stories we're
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covering for you today. one of the sttop stories, the mayor has been arrested on charges from bribery, theft and money laundering. the 29-year-old was arrested this morning. the mayor's father was indicted in that. president obama is on a cross country campaign swing this week hoping to help democrats in november midterms. he met with a family in albuquerq albuquerque. then he held another backyard chat with neighbors where he suggested republicans are not serious about governing. take a listen. >> this is the greatest country and will continue to be the greatest country on earth as long as we can go ahead and handle serious problems that we have. instead of playing political games all the time. when you look at the choices before you, you have to ask who is a offering serious answers? >> the president granted an
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extensive interview for the new cover of "rolling stone." he reportedly came back into the room to make one last comment after being gone for a while. here is part of the quote that he had said to the reporter. it is inexcusable for any democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election. the idea that we have a lack of enthusiasm in the democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining is just irresponsible. people need to buck up. if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place. >> well, david corn is the washington bureau chief for mother jones and a columnist with the article mentioned the president keeps a list of campaign promises with him at all times and according to him in the article he has crossed off about 70%. that sounds really good. the question may be after 20
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months, why aren't they touting these accomplishments? >> reporter: well, he is. he's toutding them in the "rolling stone" interview. he touts them on the campaign trail. does a kicked do eed dog hunt a better? with the president sort of attacking the base, i understand his frustration. it's not going to get anybody more motivated. the issue is whether he has been able to convince his base, but also convince independent voters that he's doing the best he can to work on the 9.6, 9.8 unemployment rate. that's still wigging out most of the country with a lot of justification. as i said, i understand his frustration, but it's sort of like he's the guy with the microphone going, boom, boom, boom, is this mike on? is this mike on? what's wrong with you people in that's not how a leader leads. if you look at how ronald reagan led in '82 to the congressional
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offterm elections. he was not blaming his base for not being by his side. he said we have to stay the course and creating a narrative that still got them worked up. >> what the democrats rnlt touting so well is the health care reform bill and the jobs bill that happened yesterday. why aren't they doing that despite the president definitely saying, look what we've accomplished? >> well, the president is trying, but, the whole process by which the health care bill unfold unfolded ended up making everybody unhappy. the president tried to negotiate with republicans and learned the hard way there was no negotiating with them and took up a lot of time and oxygen from other issues. in the "rolling stone" piece he begins the issue by saying at the beginning of his tenure as president he was on his way to at meeting on capitol hill with republicans to talk about the stimulus. he wanted to get their ideas. before he even got there they decided he would vote no against
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it. he knew early on their whole policy, their strategy would be obstruction, obstruction, obstruction. but he kept working with them. he kept trying to be above politics. >> so you're saying he's believing it did not work. >> it was a nice notion. a lot of americans wanted him to try, but he got his teeth kicked in. >> it didn't work. >> now he's left holding a bag no one really wants. >> david corn, thank you so much. an update on a story we told you about on the top of the hour. former president jimmy carter who was hospitalized in cleveland after falling ill on a flight. carter has not yet been released from the hospital. though that's expected to happen shortly. the associated press quoted the president's grandson saying he was already out. the information from an nbc news producer on the scene is that carter is still at the hospital right now. so that's the update. president carter, former president carter still in the hospital, expected to be
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released. kitchen nightmare one of gordon ramsey's reality show chefs takes his own life. he's not the first. >> i wanted to do it because i had a couple good teachers myself. without them i wouldn't be where i am. >> he cries. he teaches. why this actor turned boxer decided to become a teacher for a year. tony dan sa joins us live. because one irritating bug invading homes across the u.s. is not enough, now we have a bug that smells like all get up. ♪ oh that smell >> what you need to do to avoid this stench. that and more on msnbc. earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at can earn you a free night -- and word is people really love got our claims service.ffice gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car.
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so most noe
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so most know tony danza as an actor. he's now shining a spotlight on what teachers face by putting his education degree to good use. he picked an easy city to do it in, philadelphia. cameras followed him for the one year teaching of tony danza. >> welcome to the first day of school. i'm supposed to be here to be your english teacher. >> has anyone told you it was funny for you to be teaching an english class? >> it's funny for you to be teaching an english class. what are they alluding to? the fact that you were an actor? >> those kids were born three years after "who's the boss" went off the air. we did the proof of concept. i think my mother, or maybe it's my grandmother is a fan. so they really -- that wasn't
3:15 pm
the thing. i think it was they -- they -- they grasped the irony of me teaching english. >> so they knew the background? >> what's interesting about that claim from me is i couldn't bring myself to say, clearly i'm here to be your english teacher. i'm supposed to be -- >> a professional guy that always knows his line. >> i was hedging then. it was really a very different experience for me. very hard. i thought at that moment, at that point i was really thinking i had made a huge mistake and i would let kids down and make a fool of myself. >> so why did you do it? >> i'm worried about it. i'm really happy that nbc and msnbc is doing this education nation. it was great to hear the secretary yesterday. if we talk about the dropout rate. i heard a statistic now, every 11 seconds a kid drops out of school. >> that's correct. >> how do we sustain that? then -- so i've been wored about that. i've got kids.
3:16 pm
i've got a grandson. i want to same kind of country to be around. then i also -- i also think like a lot of us have some regrets about not having taken full advantage of my education. >> amen. i think we're both in the same boat, my friend. >> yeah, so i give one detention. and the thing was to try to take this seriously. that was the thing. i told the kid, twhi don't you take this seriously? i said, how long do you think you're going to be in school? >> she said, forever. >> that's every kid that talks like that. >> but i said not forever. here's your life. here's your life. this much is school. you don't want to be over here looking back at this little parking lpart
3:17 pm
saying i wish i would have done better. >> you got to see a bunch of those moments where they're like, oh, gi et what he's tryin to do. >> that's the real currency teachers have. we're focusing on teachers. i think there are bad teachers. but i think there's a lot more discouraged teachers. there's not much. arne duncan yesterday was talking to some college kids and telling them the starting salary. i was thinking, wow, this is a tough sale. so there's not much money. it's a very difficult job. it's really labor intensive. so the only currency you have is that love of it. that one moment where the kid looks at you and says, oh, yeah, i understand. or i quoted you yesterday. or he comes back and says, if it weren't for you i wouldn't be -- and we all have those teachers, right? >> yeah, we've all had some of those. that moment is what made you think about what you enjoyed about. the flip side is it also maid you somewhat emotional.
3:18 pm
>> you know, they've been overplaying that. the first week i was really worried i had made a huge mistake and i would let the kids down. you feel a tremendous responsibility. somebody said you're always in front of an audience. isn't it the same thing? yeah, but i have this audience's future in my hands. i really felt that responsibility. i didn't want to let them down. i talked to the school district. i talked to the network. i talked everybody into doing it. now i had to do it. what i did, richard, was i tried to really forget about the tv show and just concentrate on trying to be the best teacher i could be. zbr which you're a professional. you can do it. >> not that easy. >> your mother we a teacher for 30 years, you said. i don't have to tell you. >> talking about that, she used to say the kids would make her laugh but she would have to look the other way, because she wanted to make sure the kids knew she was stern and in charge. when they made you laugh, what did they do?
3:19 pm
many moments the kids made you smile. >> they get to you. that's the thing. they get to you. i had a wonderful bunch of kids. i got involved with kids that weren't in the class. we did shows at the school. and other kids were involved. we had a great jazz orchestra at northeast high. philadelphia, you say, not an easy city. >> it's not an easy city. but it's a wonderful city. i'm so in love with it. everybody in philadelphia was really great. and the teachers at northeast. we hear all the stuff. but, you know, a little respect would go a long way. and if everybody got together and pulled together on this thing so that the teachers are not -- you have to teach the curriculum, build character, instill values and teach all the important receive discipline and receive control. in 45 minutes. you better give me another period. it's a lot to ask. so everybody has to chip in. >> so you have developed certainly a new respected for the practice of teaching.
3:20 pm
and all the things you've been through in your life, you've done many things after fighter what have you. was this the toughest job you ever had? >> yeah, i think it was. there was nobody punching you. but it's hard. you're talking about you have to be organized. you have to write lesson plans. you had to find ways to engage the kids. one thing that i stressed in the class was that the kids have to take part in their own education. they done just walk in a and open your ear and pour it in. they have to want it a little bit. so you spend a lot of time doing that. you spend a lot of time counseling. you hear stories which are -- forget about it. i tell you what the proudest moment is. >> yeah, tell me. >> in the yearbook. my picture is in the english department. right in front of my blackboard. and really is a badge of honor. you had to win over a lot of
3:21 pm
teachers, too. you had to convince people you really meant it. this is a chance to take ha look inside an urban high school and also a chance to this see what a first-year teacher goes through. >> you also had to win over yourself, and you did. r it. >> thank you. >> good talking to you. >> you know what else, since we're on msnbc, this all ties into higher wages for the middle class. let's be honest. if the camera man can't make a living the whole thing falls apart. >> the whole thing would fall apart. that's absolutely right. thanks tony. have a good afternoon. >> thanks, richard. >> see you. you think bedbugs were bad? now there's a new wave of creepy crawlers sweeping the nation. and oh, do these things smell. plus how viagra has turned into a big let down for nearly half the men who have tried it. i'm coming to take over the world,
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a drone attack in northwest pakistan may have killed one of the al qaeda leaders, a known master mind of one of the recent suicide attacks there. the cia is drastically stepping up the drone bombing campaign in pakistan to stop terror plots against european targets. u.s. officials say 20 attacks have been lunched this month alone versus a previous peak of 12. u.s. commander general david petraeus says high level taliban leaders are reaching out to the afghan government to start discussions on reconciliation. retired u.s. army general is an msnbc military analyst and former gulf war division commander. he joins me live in washington. general, thank you for being with us. how do these attacks differ from previous drone attacks? the 20 attacks we're talking about? >> well, essentially the problem is, the network and to some extent the taliban are operating
3:26 pm
out of pakistan. you can't go across the border with conventional on the ground military forces without enraging the pakistanis. a lot of it is done through the cio or other sources to strike these people with remotely piloted vehicles. missiles being fired off. probably more than 65 strikes now, richard, recently against warziristan alone. >> very effective technology, no doubt. there's also helicopter attacks being reported that have killed more than 70 militants, general, it's angered pakistan officials. this must be difficult for the u.s. military to try to find a win/win situation. >> a lot is going on is deniability. the pakistani government and army want to try to control the threat against their own
3:27 pm
government. i think they've been cooperative on the face of it. but in the public eye, this is an islamic population. it's a sensitive issue. >> then, general, as we're hearing general petraeus is saying the taliban is exploring a reconciliation with karzai's government. barry, mccaffrey, thank you. many high school students struggle to get a diploma. there's one high school where everybody graduated and also was accepted in college. the school's president will join me with the secret to his success. first, the age old excuse. find out the newest excuses. my printer broke.
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in times like these, you need an experienced partner to look out for you. heads up! and after 300 years we have gotten pretty good at that. here's a look at how stocks are doing today. the dow jones industrial average up almost 27 points. the standard and poor's up two points. home prices edged up in july for the fourth straight month. despite that, the housing market stays weak. prices are up .6%. but analysts say it's temporary.
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americans are more pessimistic about the economy and concerns about the job market. in september the consumer confidence index drops to the lowest level since february. that's it for cnbc, first in business worldwide. richard, back to you. here's a look at your headlines this tuesday. tropical depression number 16 has formed south of cuba. this depression is expected to strengthen and become a tropical storm later in the day. the income gap between the richest and poor americans is the widest ever on record. census data shows americans making more than $100,000 received more than 49% of all income generated. those below the poverty line earned just a 3.4% share. it's exactly five weeks until the midterm elections. all eyes are on key senate races shaping up to be barn burners. they range from wisconsin, nevada to illinois and pennsylvania. the outcomes could significantly
3:33 pm
tip the balance of power in congress. luke russert joins us live from capitol hill. luke, which states are you watching that might have a photo finish here? >> well, the two that really have the political class here in washington chatting a lot are nevada and wisconsin. let's start off in nevada. primarily because it's one of the biggest symbolic prizes for republicans in a chance to knock off harry reid. right now he's leading in the most recent poll. 45-40. but his republican opponent, sharron angle, seems to keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. he, in effect, can not put her away. while reid is unpopular in a lot of the state of nevada, a lot of people are not sold on angle because she has a lot of positions outside of the mainstream. this past week she got in trouble for questioning the mayor's health care insurance coverage for folks with autism. that is not necessarily played well with a lot of independents within the state. what james carvel says she could
3:34 pm
be running the worst in the country and could still win. he still continues to have the lead. republicans desperately want the seat. another interesting state, wisconsin. rust feingold has been there since 1992. he's in the fight of his life against mr. johnson, a guy who has absolutely no political experience. was a businessman involved in the plastics industry. really running with the support of tea party heavily in wisconsin. trying to run a message of economic change by bringing jobs to the states. it seems to be resonating. he's winning in a poll there. feingold is known as a strong clo close. the greater picture, though, richard. of the five races that you mentioned, the gop really needs to win four of them if they really have any chance of taking back the senate. they need to pick up ten seats.
3:35 pm
of these four, they think they can pick up four of the five. >> five weeks to ago. everything is in play. everything is up in the air. we'll see how it goes. >> it's always in play until the end. >> luke russert. thank you. >> tonight a faceoff in the golden state. meanwhile meg whitman versus jerry brown. the candidate fls the race for california governor holding their first televised debate. the latest los angeles times usc poll shows u.s. candidate brown leading whitman 49% to 44%. today as part of our education nation special we are focusing on a chicago school that seems to have found the formula formula for success. only half of hispanic and low-income students graduate from high school. >> i present to you the class of 2010. but at the chicago's urban prep academy, every student not only graduated, but was accepted to a four-year college. joining us now is tim king,
3:36 pm
president and ceo of the urban prep academies. as we look at this amazing 100% yield you have done, how did you make it happen? >> well, it was a lot of hard work by a bunch of people involved in the school, including the teachers. but mostly the students. it was really a lot of effort to make sure they achieve this tremendous goal. >> how may you take this to other larger schools? how might you translate the success? >> i think one of the original promises is to serve as incubators for great ideas. there are many things we do that are being replicated. including creating a positive culture. creating an environment where students feel like there are not only high expectations, but there are tools to help them
3:37 pm
meet the expectations. >> let's dig down to the details. there are four pillars you concentrate on that may be applicable to the other environments. give me those. >> well, that's all about the positive school culture we want to create. that's based on respect. responsibility. ritual and relationships. we feel those four elements are key if you're going to create a great school culture. but probably the most important one is relationships. you have to create strong positive relationships wean the adults within the school and the the young people within the school. >> have you always had 100% yield here? it's amazing? >> twaactually, that was our fi graduating class. the majority of the students came to us at or below the poverty line. only 4% of them reading at grade level. all 100% of them were admitted to four-year colleges four years later. they've set a high bar. we have every expectation our
3:38 pm
classes will meet that. >> the students were giving testimony about their experience at urban prep. what one student had said was they heard how some folks thought there are more spaces in the jail, why don't you just let them go there as to creating spaces in a school? >> it's an overall issue we're facing nationally. we spend a lot of money on incarcerating people, particularly black males. urban prep is about creating an alternative to that and building strong schools to create not just scholars, but real positive contributors to society. >> yeah, and i must say, that was just one of the students i was watching on website. there were several others were parents involved. brought to tears and happy for what you have brought to them. tim king, thank you very much. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> tlc's newest reality show
3:39 pm
caught the eye of utah prosecutors. you'll find out why police here have launched an investigation into the stars of the show. celebrity chef gordon ramsey helped them turn the failing restaurant around. now the new jersey chef has ended his own life. could the reality show have influenced that decision? want . oh. about what? uh, they don't really think you're an exchange student. what? they think you're a businessman, using our house to meet new clients in china. for reals, player? [ woman speaks chinese ] they overheard a phone call. [ speaks chinese ] something about shipping with fedex to shanghai. and then you opened a bottle of champagne. that was for a science project. [ man and woman speaking chinese ] i'm late rehearsal. [ man speaks chinese ] you and i are cool? i'll be home by curfew. [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who can help you go global. fedex. you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine
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[ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. the stars of tlc's new show "sister wives" are under investigation for bigamy in utah. bigamy is a third-degree felon in utah. cody brown and his wives have 13 children and three stepchildren. a new jersey family is in mourning today after a second suicide is linked to an appearance of one of gordon rams ramsey's tv shows. joseph shown here with the
3:43 pm
reality tv chef was featured on kitchen nightmares in 2007. the new york post says ramsey told him that his debt-ridden restaurant was about to swim down the hudson. then on friday, the man's body was found floating in the hudson after jumping off new york's george washington bridge. psychologist jeff gardir joins us now. this isn't the only time we've heard of this situation where there are reality tv star that either leaves a show or moves to another career and take their own lives. what's the dynamic behind this? >> take their own lives or take somebody else's live. the whole issue of reality in itself. this isn't scripted. this is unscripted. these are real people with real issues and real problems. as we know with tv, we want people who are larger than life. therefore we're going to get these extreme personalities and the knife cuts both ways here.
3:44 pm
either these people are very stable and can bring that excitement due to their intelligence, or maybe they're over the top, and i think that's what we're seeing more of. being over the top and a little more unstable. >> dr. gardere, as we look into the past situation with the gordon ramsey show, for the most part he did pretty well after being in only one episode. so it wasn't in a series of episode, just one episode. his restaurant seemed to do well after that. why? >> what was going on, gordon ramsey the chef picked this restaurant because this individual was having so many financial issues which then later became emotional issues. i saw that show, and this individual certainly was distraught and didn't anyway what to do. when he fixed the restaurant, able to make the restaurant profitable, perhaps what he
3:45 pm
wasn't table to do, and it wasn't his job to do, was to look at this person's mental health and help him with the penalty issues. >> so you look at these shows, we have a report showing more than 10 reality tv stars that had taken their lives or been involved in death. the question we may have is cause or effect. were the issues there before? or did something happen during the show? >> it may be a combination of both. we know the shows are highly competitive. when you subject yourself to a reality show. we had a reality show on vh1, dad camp. i gave them tough love. luckily, i didn't push them over the edge. i had them do competitive things. i had them look at deep issues. again, luckily, these were people stable enough to do that. these shows push them against the wall, and they may not be able to take that. >> did their personalities change from beginning to end.
3:46 pm
>> their personalities did change. these were people who came from catastrophic issues, but i'm a psychologist. so i was able to recognize what was going on and able to band-aid or fix some of the things. with other reality shows, not to say mine was better in any way, there may not be a shrink on staff. this guy or gal has a real issue. we have to medicate that or we have to work with that. if they don't worg on it, it's going to get progressively worse. >> more reality tv shows seem to be upping each other. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much for giving us insight on what happened. how much do you know about your faith? turns out the least religious people of all know the most about religion. next, up close and personal with the newest pest problem as well. infesting the country. we'll talk to a bug expert who
3:47 pm
brought along some little friends. you'll get to see them, my friends. prenups are not just for the wealthy. more average folks across the united states are taking caution before tying the knot. maybe you want school kids to have more exposure to the arts. maybe you want to provide meals for the needy. or maybe you want to help when the unexpected happens. whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer, or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference. but basically, i'm a runner. last year. (oof). i had a bum knee that needed surgery. but it got complicated, because i had an old injury.
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you've heard about the story all day. guard your nostrils and watch your step. a new bug is sweeping the mid-atlantic. these pests will leave you running for the nearest bottle of febreeze. stinkbugs are on the move. whatever you do, don't force them to release their pungent odor. michael rowe joins me now. i understand you have some of
3:51 pm
those critters with you at the moment. what do they look like? >> kind of like prehistory monsters. they're shield-shape. they have a beak, a proboscis that they stick in plants. offense this smell avision, i could show you how they sting. >> how do you get them to stink? well, if a pretty tore, a trying to vacuum these things up or squash them, they let go. it smells a lot like cilantro, actually. you are a big guy, so bugs are
3:52 pm
your friends. what sour of -- what sort of penalty do they have? they're dibowlically clever, unfortunately, richard. we thought they were merely going to be a nuisance when they invaded people's houses, but this year they attacked or corn, soy beans, trees, nurseries, and it's getting chilly. the first frost is in the air, these guys are coming into people's houses by the ba jill on. >> michael, i have to asking this. would you rather have 100 or 200 stinkbugs or five bedbugs? >> i've got both. >> no, you have to pick one. which could you rather have? >> i would rather have the stinkbugs, because i can vacuum these up and toss them out.
3:53 pm
when i have bedbugs, i know it will be a serious battle that will take maybe $1,000, and probably take me about two months to win that battle. with the choice, i'm going stinkbugs. i'm not sure our farmers would agree with that, but for my own personal house, my wife and i agree, it's going to be stinkbugs over bedbugs. still around for this. a viagra warning, hot holiday toys and threato races. first up, making contact with aliens. we have conflicting reports about whether the united nations is appointing an alien ambassador. there's been word that there's a plan in place to have extraterrestrials come to earth. the u.n. has denied that report.
3:54 pm
a new poll full -- and it seems prenups may not have the bad stigma they used to. a survey of divorce lawyers show a rise in prenuptial agreements. who is the first to breach the husband? the husband talk about races, a new sport. it's a vertical run up a wood pole. it takes competitors 80 feet
3:55 pm
straight up. don't look down. viagra sales are booming, but it only works for half of men who take it. we've got about 1:20 to go. monkey versus monkey in india. they're using them sort of as a deputy. we're told the larger breed squares away ma rawing bonnet moneyies which run wild aggressive i begging and stealing food from people. unlikely best friends, 17 foot 980-pound crocodile owes his life to this human friend. he found the animal 20 years ago and nursing it back to health. new local celebrities, but wow, that's dangerous. lindsay's redemption. with the ink baischly dry on their arrest affidavits, both stars are turning to charity work.
3:56 pm
lohan just visited with homeless teenagers, a along shelter. i we don't yes? still plenty of pump rock fans. joey ramone place is the most stolen. the paper jams is the next hot toy out there, a cardboard guitar with sensors beneath the surface. scenes will not have to break the bank, only about $25. and that brings us down to the wire. we made it. that's our show for this tuesday. the dylan rat gan show is up next for you. [ crunch! ] [ male announcer ] 11 grams of delicious whole grain. one mighty toasted crunch. new wheat thins crunch stix. the crunch is calling.
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